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tracker reply has no peers field


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I have been downloading fine till today. Regardless of the torrent or tracker that I add it's the status message on the tracker tab.

I had been using uT 2.0 beta but had clean install (removing all previous files from user/****/appdata/roaming/utorrent) to the current stable version 1.8.5 (build 17414) but the problem still exists and had checked port forwarding and its all set up correctly.

Could you please help me asap?

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I have been researching this issue for one of the members on one of the torrent sites I staff. It turns out (according to the user) that his ISP is:

"Think it was to do with my isp, they are testing some software that encourages the bt users to connect to local peers/seeds rather than ones on the other side of the world."

If you are located in the UK this might well be your problem. If you are not (in the UK) it could still be your problem but it is far less likely.

The user in question tried using another torrent client and got a similar error so it does not look to me like this is uTorrent issue (he first reported the error using 1.8.4).

FWIW he is no longer experiencing the problem.



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yeah have just tested with openoffice torrent its tracker and download working fine.

I'm now worried that it's my ISP, yes I am from the UK :(

I hope their are only testing it....

*Although today trackers are working again but do not connect to any peers or seeders, only DHT, PEER EXCHANGE and LOCAL PEER EXCHANGE.*

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Hi folks, im having the same problem since 7:30 last night and guess what?

I am also with 02.

I was blaming it on a windows update which i downloaded last night but now im convinced its 02. Although it seems my downloads are from the one specific site which i use regurarly for downloading and uploading.

I am able to download fine from other known sites.

Can anyone tell me is O2 pulling the plug on downloading or is a problem with the servers that could actually get fixed?

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I'm on Be*, which use the same infrastructure as O2, and have seen the same issue over the past few days. I have another internet connection on a different ISP (Demon/Thus) which returns the correct peer results for the same tracker queries.

It only seems to affect some trackers from what very little testing I've done so far, those with announce urls on tcp port 80 and 81 - I seem to get correct replies for trackers using obscure/high tcp ports. Not tested with udp announce urls.

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I can confirm from the Be* forums that they are testing something called "peer localisation" on their network (I guess this extends to O2), where they intercept announce requests, and sort/modify the peer list to attempt to force your client (not restricted to utorrent) to more local peers rather than on the other side of the world.

Looks like it's still in the testing phase at the moment. I guess I'll post more info from there as it comes up or as people ask and if/as I get time, since I think it's good for the more general public to know about these sort of things which are going on.

EDIT: My connection returned back to normal at midnight as well.

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How indeed!

Examples of ISPs disrupting far more than BitTorrent:




"happening to my guild as well, all across australia connecting to an australian vent server. Vent is totally useless and it is only people on iinet."


"apparently, to my ISP's "packet shaping" software, ventrilo appears to be some sort of database server so it was flagged to be given a much lower amount of bandwidth than other types of programs. took them about 60 seconds to fix it and ventrilo has been great ever since!"

World of Warcraft on Time Warner Cable/RoadRunner:



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Throttling is a global thing meant to be applied to all (or a large chunk of) traffic, though, whereas a change like this targeted purely at the tracker response is extremely narrow in scope. To test it is as simple as checking the filtered message to see if the peers key matches what is expected, and if they had actually tested it, they would have noticed that they completely broke the tracker response. But whatever, maybe it's easy for me to complain because I'm not the one sitting behind their walls seeing everything that could go wrong.

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