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ALMOST the "basic" Completed torrents pop back up as downloading one


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I've had some problems concerning the usb connection from one of my two external hard drives. I feel I have this resolved now (knock on wood, and hoping it's not a bad chipset) by connecting the drive directly to one of the case usb ports rather than keeping it connected via the 4-port usb hub I was using. I have seen plenty of those hubs have one of the ports fail while the rest had no problems. Now on to the utorrent troubleshooting:

I recall long ago seeing torrents pop back up as "downloading (even showing them start and proceed to display a percentage completed as any download would usually look in every way) though I do not recall ever discovering what caused this. I'm really not sure if I was using Azureus back when I saw that happen, really. It's been ages. This is a two-part question I could really use some help on because I have one ratio that needs help asap. What is the most effective way to go about "getting all my ducks in a row" here? I need to make sure all the completed downloads are ready to seed- not confused and appearing as downloads. These files are all video which are definitely finished- I watch them- and do not appear "different" in anyway, anywhere other than this problem with them showing up as downloading. When they do so- as I was saying- they act as if they would continue to download until "completed twice" though I stop them after watching them download a bit, of course.

The files that I'm seeing this happen with are few in number, not the most recent downloads, and seem to be completely random though I'm sure there is something they have in common. Right now I am actually only looking at two out of many torrents that are trying to download but have been finished and seeding already for weeks now.

Any suggestions are of course appreciated. I DID search for an answer before making this post for quite a while. I feel sure there is an answer in this very forum- but troubleshooting has nearly 700 posts. I googled this one to death and was amazed to not find the issue pop up somewhere.

Finished torrents seem to randomly decide they are downloads without the files having been moved or any other changes aside from the external drive they were seeding from being disconnected and having some problems figuring out that I most likely just had a bad usb hub. (In case you are kind enough to help but that was a major TLDR above)


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