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Does uTorrent not allow more than one instance?


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I have two users on my computer. One is the Administrator account (not named that, of course), and the other is a user account. I usually log on to the Admin account first, then log in to the user account to do my browsing on the web. However, I used to do my browsing from the Admin account, and so I had a shortcut on that desktop to uTorrent. I also have a shortcut to the Network Diagnostic tool on that desktop, since it requires a user with admin privileges. So most of the time I run uTorrent from my admin account, but recently I've started downloading while logged in to the user account as well. I was puzzled to notice that when I have uTorrent running on both accounts, the instance on the user account shows a network problem. The instance on the admin account showed green. Today after I rebooted to get my network connection back I logged in to the user account without going to the admin account first, and uTorrent now shows green. Does the program dislike having two instanced running on the same machine>

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