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Weird speeds


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Greetings, since i started to use utorrent there were a number of problems related to download speed that i was able to fight through, but after i read some of the guides present here i was able to enhance my download speed, there is still something going on:

1º My tick is sometimes orange, and some other times green.

2º There are some torrents with low peers that i manage to download at 500-800Kb.s and other torrents for example, new episodes of various TV shows wich usually have over 20.000 peers/seeds and i cant seem to download them at higher speeds than 40-70Kb.s even if my tick is green at that time.

I tried to download that Slackware torrent on the guide and after only about 2mins it reached arround 1.4mb.s wich kinda blew my mind as i never seen those values on uTorrent before.

My connection is set for 384kbs/xxx on the speed guide;

My provider doesnt seem to block peer-to-peer traffic, since having forced encryption or not having any encription at all give out the same speeds;

I dont think im choking the connection since its has 0.84mb.s limit on upload and i have it set to 0.38mb.s on upload;

I dont have my download speed limited.

UPnP and NAT-PMP are on;

DHT is on;

Slackware download and the download im doing right now (103 seeds/223peers) were tried at same time and im stuck at 70Kb.s on this download while Slackware reached 1.4mb.s, im using this download as reference to what usually happens with pretty much all downloads;

peer.Lazy_bitfield is on;

Using router;

Running Windows 7 Ultimate - 64bit;

Processor: DualCore Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, 2400 MHz (9 x 267)

Board: Asus P5KPL-AM SE


Not sure if ive missed something, if theres something else i can help with, please ask away!

Help apreciated! Thanks :)

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