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WebUI ETA displaying incorrect time


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When using the uTorrent WebUI, ETA is incorrectly displayed; as though it is just missing the 'day'.

If the loaded torrent will take longer than 1 day to download (if the ETA on the client is > 1 day) the WebUI will not show the [x]d (d for day) - *it seems to work correctly when displaying weeks with days (eg: 4w 2d)

I have noticed the following by looking at the WebUI ETA, and the uTorrent client ETA:

uTorrent client reports: 4d1h, WebUI reports: 1h:23min

uTorrent client reports: 1d19h, WebUI reports: 19h:12min

*notice how it shows the hours correctly on both


uTorrent 1.8.5

WebUI 0.361

Running uTorrent on: Dual Xeon 3.0Ghz

OS: Windows Server 2003 Advanced 32-bit

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