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How to specify/select the default add/open Torrent folder ?


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Hi All !

i already set the default save torrent folder at the options to F:\Torrents. That is clear so far !

But when i open uTorrent and click on "Add/Open Torrent" it always opens the own data folder on c:\Documents and settings\username\own data (i dont use the english version of windows i am not sure if the string is right - but it should be like that).

i need to change the folder manually to F:\Torrents

those settings didnt got saved by uTorrent. it just reminds this setting until the program get closed. After a reboot or a reopen - utorrent always shows up the own data folder again :(

is there any possibility or a string i could add to the command line when starting uTorrent that the default add/open torrent folder is "F:\Torrents" and not "c:\Documents and settings\username\own data" ?

Thanks for any advice ;o)

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ok guys,

i ve sorted that problem out !

i just use version 1.3 now. that bug disappeared now and all is how i want it ;-)

i ve mentioned that the speed of 1.3 is MUCH faster than from 1.4 - even with the same settings ;o)

i also mentioned that 1.3 closes much faster than 1.4

i checked that out with the task manager. 1.4 needed 13 seconds before it was shutting down after closing. version 1.3 needs only 2-3 secs.

GROOVY - uTorrent seems to be the best, most smooth and smartest torrent cient :o)

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