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Speed very low. Had grate speed in past.


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I am having a major speed problem. For the last few weeks i get pathetic speed. I am on a 4Mbps cable connection. I was getting around 500kb/s download. Now i am getting less than 30kb/s when i download 10-15 torrents. I tried a test at glasnost it showed the correct speed on every port.

Also another thing I observed is, even though i downloading over 10 torrents. 2 or 3 where downloading. Others even with over 2000 seeds and peers not even have a download speed.

I tried all your speed guide. I even tried using azures. But no use.

Please help me.

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Stop all but 1 torrent.

Then test...

You probably never had 4 megabit/sec upload, maybe even less than 0.5 megabit/sec upload.

Setting your upload speed max too high will only serve to make your ISP angry with you and potentially throttle you low. :(

But likewise setting upload speed max too low makes peers ignore you...and give you nothing.

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