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utorrent port not opening


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I have discovered a really unusual problem with my utorrent.

My Setup:

Windows XP SP2 machine

Linksys WRT54G and DD-WRTv23 firmware

Latest utorrent

Utorrent works fine with the DD-WRT firmware settings recommended in this forum

I have setup port-forwarding (not triggering) on my router for my utorrent port

However the Port-open check in utorrent is failing.

It also fails if I try to telnet to that port from the outside.

What is stranger, is it also fails if I telnet to the windows utorrent port from my router!

It hangs there if utorrent is running...... if utorrent is not running it does an immediate (connection refused)

On the XP box, if I telnet to that port on localhost, it works fine

I have the Windows firewall disabled. it seems that utorrent itself doesn't accept the tcp connection.. Can anyone help?

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I have looked at everything it seems.

I even enabled the logging in XP firewall, and can see that the connection is accepted.

But I am pretty sure that it's utorrent that's not accepting the connection.

Is there some utorrent configuration that I am missing that would disallow me from telnetting to my utorrent port?

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