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uTorrent freezes my pc.


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Yes yes yes. I can say it too. My computer dosen't freeze, but it becomes just sooo slow.

I have the read cache turned on (and set to 10240), because @1MBs upload rates it's unplesent to have very frequent reads from the HD.

I think that this has something to do with the caching system - I got yesterday (for my first time) the "disk overloaded" message - never happened with BitComet, Azureus, BitTorrent, BitTornado... So I would strongly recommend that you look into it - 80% of my tracker's users don't use µtorrent becouse of the system slowdown.

Ma specs, if you're interested:

WxpSP2 + all updates

No firewall (behind a linux box), AV:NOD32 2.51.20 (µTorrent is in IMON's exclude list - just to be sure ;) )

DFI AD75, 512MB RAM, Athlon 1600+, Seagate barracude 80GB (I guess 2mb cache)

uTorrent 1.4.1 BETA build up to 424 (I have now updated to 425, but noone is downloading from me)

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I'd say to try a read cache of 80MB or more, with your upload speed... Maybe higher if you got the RAM to spare. And of course, make sure everyone is using the beta. :P In fact, I'd say if you're gonna use the read cache, to not use less than 80MB or so, for it to be truly effective (it's to make sure you got enough data in the cache so it doesn't have to go back to the drive so often)

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Well... Not 80MB, but i did try changing the value to 35 megs. All I can say for now... "Hey, Superman, I think it worked" :D

EDIT: I tought 80MBs would be just too much. I dont have more than 3-4 upload at one time, and I use 2mb peace size, so ... Well, 80MBs would be in fact better, but i'll try to cope with 35. If the problem persists, I'll just add some more.


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