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Choosing which files to download not working in Google Chrome


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That's extremely weird. I was able to reproduce the problem exactly once (during which time µTorrent seemed to have crashed... I wonder if it's related). Afterwards, I had no problem using the context menu in Chrome... What version of µTorrent are you using? What version of WebUI? What version of Chrome?

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Hey mate.

I've had the same issue with Chrome 4.0.x

I noticed, however, that it actually DOES update the file priority, it just doesn't update in the WebUI (for chrome. It works fine for Firefox 3 and IE 8. I'm just testing it on Opera now. Hang on. Okay, Opera opens the application context menu when right-clicking, not the UI priority dialog box.

Anyway, back to the point. It does update in Chrome, at least on v 4.0+, you just have to refresh the UI, or even easier, click off the torrent (or onto another one), then go back to the torrent, you'll find the priority updated.

Also, on the same subject, you might noticed DL and UL speeds are updating correctly, however DL and UL sizes do not. Same deal, but I found have to refresh the whole UI for this to show correctly, not just doing a torrent switcharoo.

Hope it helped.


Forget to mention: uTorrent v 1.8.5 (17414).

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