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Re: Download and Uploads Limits set to 0


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I have read through the fact and couldn't find any mention of this.

Is there anyway to set the download limit of a torrent to a true 0, so it can still seed. If you right click a torrent and try and set it's speed entering the value of zero it is set to the default of unlimited.

Just wondering if there was any way to do this.


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you can go to the "files" tab, Ctrl-A to select all files, and right click select "don't download"

See, this was my controversial work-around for ppl who are throttled by their ISP. What I would do:

Download the file to as close to 99% as possible without finishing it. Then set it to dont download.

My first experience with throttling was I could only upload while downloading. After finish downloading the file, my up speeds would drop after 5-15 min then go to zero. For some reason, this way allowed me to continue to upload and contribute to the torrent site. My ISP somehow didnt recognize this. Im guessing they were only throttling up speeds and it still looked like I was downloading to them. Dont ask me how do I know, cuz its a guess. But this method worked for me til I was up n running normal again.

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