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Cannot check pre-downloaded torrent with 15,000 files.


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I have several systems on a LAN in my basement. One of them I use as a file server. I set uTorrent up on my main system and had it download several torrents directly to the file server. Several gigabytes later, everything had worked and appeared stable, so I decided to move uTorrent to another less used system which doesn't rebbot as much as my main system (multi-boots to different OS's for different jobs).

I uninstalled uTorrent from the main system and then installed it on the other. I then opened the same torrents I had completed before on the other machine and pointed them to the files already downloaded on the server.

The first torrent of 36 GB and 100 files checked 100% and started seeding.

The second torrent of 14.5 GB and 5000 files checked 100% and started seeding.

The third torrent of 1.5 GB and 20,000 files checked about 70% and then stopped with "System cannot open file" error

Checking the torrent's File tab, I saw where it stopped checking. I deleted the few files before and a few files after the break and tried again. It died at the same spot. So I deleted a hundred more files. Died at the same spot.

I ended up having to delete all the existing files from around the place where it died until the end of the list. Then it would check correctly and redownload the files I deleted. It has been seeding ever since.

The error is the same whether I run uTorrent on WinXP or under Linux.

It is possible that the error has nothing to do with file count but could be a pathname which is too long. It is impossible to tell since uTorrent does not indicate the file it can't open and nothing is logged to the logger tab.

So, is it me? Or is this a bug?

Thanks for the help!

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I can understand how a path length can be the problem.

What is frustrating is that the path wasn't too long for uTorrent to create in the first place. It should be able to deal with what it creates.

Also, it would be nice if the error message actually showed the problem file/name/path so we could figure out what was happening.

Any chance of this being addressed in the next release?


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Heh I was going to suggest that path length was probably a problem, but ran into a problem explaining how µTorrent could actually create the files in the end =P

If path length was a problem, then this issue probably won't be too hard to sort out -- or at least I don't think so... After all, the "framework" (basically that \\?\ thingy) is already in place, so maybe ludde just has to add that somewhere in the file checking. Of course, I've never programmed a Windows application, so I don't know for sure (just my impression).

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Yeah, the \\?\ trick allows it to create the files, but perhaps it's not implemented for checking the files... (Explorer and most programs probably won't work to read it)

Next time, all you need to do is just move the folder up closer to the root and point it to the new loc with Set download location

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