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how to remote access Linux client


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I had bittorrent installed on linux system. This system doesnot have a keyboard or monitor etc., to check and input . I have a windows PC connected to the same LAN network. Now is there any way that I can reach with the windows Web UI to check the status or bittorrent running on Linux system. This Linux system is basically a NAS storage device with Linux running.

Because I saw the settings described for web ui are for windows installation.

Any help is appreciated!


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What I mean the BitTorrent Program. Anyway the uTorrent web UI works right! I got just Transmission 1.78 installed on the machine but it doesnot have all the settings which I am doing on these utorrent or Bittorrent programs. So that is why I asked that. Anyway Thanks now I will uinstall Transmission and install utorrent. Thanks for the information. So I need to install utorrent wine right. Can you give me instructions on how to install as I am a new user of Linux system.

Thanks in avdvance

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