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Need some help.

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This is my first post here in uTorrent's forum but I have some more experiance in useing the program. Sense the beta verisons i think and are quite happy with uTorrent.

But anyway need some help with the Interface Design Toolbar. I haved downloaded a toolbar from the download selection and cant figure out how to make this work. The thing with the icon was easy to easy but this is to hard for me. How am i suppost to make this work?

Excuse my bad spelling. xD

/ Umut, seen another Umut here but that anit me.

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Can I change µTorrent's skin?

Visit the User Interface Design section of the µTorrent forums for skins and instructions on creating your own. To use them, place them in %AppData%\uTorrent and restart µTorrent.

But there is still a problem, im sitting on a win98se computer. I whant to try this first on my bad computer, i like to play with this more then the xp computer.

So what should i do if I have Windows 98?

Place the skin in the uTorrent dircetroy?, it doesint work.

Does the skins work on uTorrent on a win98 computer?

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if you've already got uTorrent self-contained in a single folder then you can just put the bmps in that folder, if not and you've just downloaded uTorrent, make an empty settings.dat file in the same dir as uTorrent and that'll make it self-contained, then you can just put everything in that folder and it'll work fine.

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hofshi, he's using win98 so there is no AppData folder.

So i need to make a folder called utorrent?

Can i do this: C:\Program\utorrent and it contes the skins file and utorrent.exe ?

Yes, Umut, you can do that. But to make it self-contained you also need the settings.dat file in C:\Program\utorrent as well, then everything should work like you want. Sorry if i didn't explain it well enough before.

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On Windows 98 Application data folder is in %windir%, so uTorrent stores it's config files (and that's the place You have to put toolbar or tstatus image) in directory:

%windir%\Application Data\uTorrent

OR, if You have multi-user environment:

%windir%\Profiles\YOUR_USERNAME\Application Data\uTorrent

Note, that if You have non-english Windows installation, folder "Application Data" will be named diffrent. For example, on Polish installation it's "Dane Aplikacji".

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