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Dowload Speed about 1/5 Upload Speed....


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Hi all,

I am new to uTorrent but not new to Bitorrent...

I recently did a fresh install of my OS and installed utorrent in place of azureus.

I was using 1.4 but due to problems started to use 1.4.1 to see if the issues are fixed.

Unfortunately, I am still having some difficulty.

1.) On Almost all downloads, the Trackers are not available. Mostly 403 errors or some are Offline

2.) My download speeds vary, but tend to be around 8-10kB/s while Upload tends to be around 40-50kB/s needless to say this takes awhile to complete the downloads. My ratio on the current file for example is at 2.273 (3.76GB) and I only have 37.9% completed. Usually the availability of the files are fairly high so I am unsure of where the problem exists.

I really like the program and that it loads MUCH faster than azureus (no Java Runtimes....) but I also want to get these problems resolved....

Oh, some extra info... I am using a software Firewall (Sygate) and A/V is Avast.

I have turned off the P2P feature in Avast, and port forwarding is working. The only change I have made to the Firewall is that Generic Host Process has been restricted from acting like a server.

Thanks for all your help


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Yes I did use the Speed Guide (if you are referring to the forum "mini" guide one...)

I did just attempt to download another very well seeded DotNetRocks file, and it went better than the other torrents... I was reaching speed like before on azureus, (~240kB/s as high as ~450kB/s) and tracker was fine....

Still not sure why its NEVER seeing the tracker on the other torrents though.

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Win XP Prof SP2 (rather fresh ;)), Sygate Personal Firewall at guard, Avast Antivirus (with disabled p2p protection) and everything has been fine by me, so far (1.4 stable, then some betas, recently the latest one - 1.4.1 bulid 425).

Apart from enabling all connections of µTorrent in Sygate, I have also enabled the ports I'm using by adding some advanced rules on my local TCP/UDP ports (had it so with Azurues as well, from the very beggining).


Why have you restricted the Generic Host Process from acting like a server? While leeching and seeding your PC acts like a server in some way ... :rolleyes: I always have it on "ask" and it rarely wants to send or receive anything from the internet.

cheers /M

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