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How to download only one file and not all


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Hi everyone,

I know that the subject of the message is not very clear, but here is my question:

There are some torrent files (like a movie or an entire season of a TV show) that is made up of several files (movie cut in several pieces, every episode of the TV show).

I would like to know if it's possible to choose which of those files I want to download. If yes, how do you do it?

For example, some movies have a sample file included and I would like to dowload only the sample before downloading the whole movie...

Was I clear?

Thanks for your help

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I'm new to torrents bt slowly learning. (",) Anyway, in line with the query above, if I wanted to download just 1 file out of the hundreds in the list, how long would it take? I just tried to download 1 file and its taking several hours. Is there a way to shorten the duration or do I have to wait? I noticed that my file had reached 5.5mb (complete) but when I went to check utorrent it was still downloading upto 9mb... and still going! I skipped everything else, btw. Need help, thanks.

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