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Downloaded Files open from uTorrent File List but not Windows Explorer


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I have used uTorrent for the first time and have fully downloaded my first 2.3Gb torrent. The torrent has fully downloaded and I can open all the files selecting OPEN from the Files tab. However, when I go to open the files from WIndows Explorer they are all 0 bytes in size and will not open.

Yes, I am a newbie. Yes, this will be something simple. Yes, I have searched these and other general Bittirrent forums and websites.


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Yes it is 100% downloaded.

In the Files tab I can select an MP3 file, right click and select OPEN. The file will play in Winamp perfectly, showing its full length.

When I browse to the directory the torrent files are in Windows says all the files are 0 bytes. If I try and open the file from Windows Explorer the same file it will not play, as it is 0 bytes.

Do I have to export the torrent I downloaded from UTorrent to access it through Explorer?


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Try pressing Enter on the torrent in the listview, you're probably looking at the wrong directory.

In Windows I see a folder, on my desktop, for the torrent. This folder has subfolders with numerous files.

When, through windows I open the file %desktop%\torrentname\xyx\filename.mp3 I get a 0 byte audio file that will not play.

When, through windows I open the file %desktop%\torrentname\xyx\filename.jpg I get a 0 byte audio file that will not open (Bad Header).

When I open the same files through the uTorrent in the Files tab by right clicking on the same files and selecting OPEN the MP# plays okay and the image shows correctly.

I may be doing something really thick here, it may be poor knowledge of Torrents in general but I am confused.

Is there another folder uTorrent actually stores the file contents? In a TEMP folder somewhere?

After completing a torrent download do I need to export it from uTorrent.

Why can the fiels be opened correctly via uTottent but not throufh Windows Explorer?

I am not going to download any more at present until I sort out this issue. The Knoppix CD and DVD will have to wait.

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