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Serious weird speed issue


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Ok thought Id try out utorrent a few weeks ago.Id been using Azureus a long time.Well the last few weeks utorrents been downloading just perfect then somthing happened a few days ago.Now when I download somthing even with a large amount of seeds and peers I seem to be uploading more than Im downloading.and when I am Downloading more than upload it seems that at some point it will stop downloading and wait for the upload rate to catch up.What the heck has happened?This seemed to occur after Downloading emule the other day so I got rid of emule and the problem still exists.I even went so far as to try out a few other torrent programs and sure enough I cant get any decent download rate now without it stopping so the upload amount can catch up.

I have a 3mb cable connection so I set it to 256k and usually limit upload to 4 and maximum upload rate to 15kb.This has always worked for me but I fear now its not the issue.What could have gone wrong?I dont use a router and I generally turn my firewalls off for Downloads or open the ports.

I also seem to be stuck downloading at a speed of 5kb now as well as upload mostr the time.It just dont make sense.My upload through my ISP isnt capped low ethier.

Thanks for any help,

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Ok also Im running Windows XP,

I have no router.I even did a system restore but this problem seems to still exist.My ISP is Charter.Utorrent says networks ok.I use zonealarm and windows firewall but turning these off now seems to not help ethier.

Heres a test I ran and the results of my connection,

Your download speed : 2686 kbps or 335.7 KB/sec.

Your upload speed : 239 kbps or 29.9 KB/sec.

What should I do to get the speeds I used to have back?Also how should I set Utorrent up with these results?


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