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µTorrent 2.0 released


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@ arvid - it also happens with downloaded files

but today I cant reproduce that uT with set upload limit didnt reconnect to peers/seeds,

it reconnect, but it takes ages to do it ;p

or maybe yesterday I wasnt waiting enough...

bt.tcp_rate_control = false


bt.tcp_rate_control = true


It seems that in bt.tcp_rate_control=false, uT waiting only about 1/2 time compared to bt.tcp_rate_control=true

but still IMO its too long

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@Virtual_ManPL: Thanks a lot for those graphs! I'm pretty sure I know what's going on now.

@Obi-Wan: There's also a fix where if you drop too many .torrent files (or double click on too many) the add torrent dialog will be supressed, to avoid opening hundreds of them. At first I thought this was what you might be seeing. We have a fixed size allocation pool for dialogs, so this case used to cause a crash because we ran out of space.

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icons disappearing from all over the interface (randomly.. icons disappear from one place and appear in another):

- peer flags are not there (all the time)

- from time to time the icons on the top menu (start, stop and so on) disappear

- same problem with the icons on the tabs (in torrent details, where you choose if you want to see the peers, general, speed, log...)

I had a lot of files active (490 seeding torrents ATM) with thousands of open files (got 1000+ files on some single torrents)

dunno if this is just a resource limit problem...

vista 64bit sp2

rc2 was working perfectly under this aspect (all icons where there)

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i just downloaded and tested the new µTorrent Release Candidate 3 (2.0 build 17774).

But somehow the webui isn't working correct, i try to add a torrent but nothing happens when i press OK, the file never add's in utorrent.

Just wanted to check if i'm the only one with the problem or if it realy is a problem?

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@rafi - the problem with the "flags.bmp" that you refer to above is that in that situation all .com & .net domains default to a U.S. flag even when the ISP is not in the U.S. You can see this in your screenshot where the ipredate.net ISP (which is in Sweden) actually shows a US flag in µTorrent. Hence my preference for using the peer.resolve_country option, which, in my experience, always shows the correct flag regardless of the domain. Can you confirm that you were using the peer.resolve_country *true option for that screenshot, or was it taken using *false & "flags.bmp?

I do hope that the previous functionality is restored by the time the 2.0 Stable is released.

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sure, it's a small bug that I'm sure will be solved (this "hint" can help...) . I was using peer.resolve_country = false. But I think that it ignores also "true" if the files are there? or not ? And I do use also the flags.conf with it. It's old and not up to date.... I need it for my ISP's IPs/flags.

You can get updated files in the forums.

and... I'm not sure why is it that they default to us flag, when the can still check the IPs that are not in the file - outside. Maybe they should provide an option for that, so this file can be used to just OVERRIDE with what's included in it.

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Can someone explain what the speed graph colors mean? I have solid green and cyan for download, and for upload solid red and magenta. I read the help but it doesn't really make sense to me. Solid green and solid red are current download and upload speeds right? For me the magenta and cyan are just are making graphs the exact same just a little bit higher, can anyone explain what they mean better than the uT help file?

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those are intended to reflect the overhead effect on speeds. As far as I know, when bt.calc_overhead=true:

green = net data download rate

blue = download data rate + overhead rate (caused by seeding )

red = net data upload rate

Magenta = upload data rate + overhead rate (caused by download)

The numbers are now showing the net-data/payload rate and not the total (as was in revious versions).

You should see more difference/space between each couple when the speed of the other direction - grows.

There are still some calculation bugs as far as I can tell...


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Thanks rafi that makes sense. So what numbers (with or without overhead included) are reported as "Down Speed" and "Up Speed" per torrent and the global speed in the bottom of uT?

So far this version seems to be download and uploading much quicker than 1.8.5

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