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Mysterious Speed Bumps


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Does anyone know why this happens? First I'm downloading at full speed... and then for a second both my upload and download speeds become almost choked...


and then the speed starts going back to normal..


This happens every 25-30 minutes.. exact same way... almost like a cycle. I live in Australia and use iiNet (iinet.net.au) as my ISP. Seeing as how the majority of Aust utorrent users have iiNet as their ISP, and as far as I know dont have this kind of problem, I'm assuming that my ISP has nothing to do with it.. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Too many connections, reduce to about 40 per torrent.

I make 40 connections and I get at least 175kBytes/s download. 100 connections gets me at least 500kBytes/s download. What's wrong with the torrent you're downloading so that you have to make so many connections to get your 50kBytes/s?

Everybody makes too many connections, that's what's wrong.

Put the question in reverse. How much upload are you adding to the torrent and how effectively are you spreading it?

You're adding 13kBytes/s to the torrent and you're spreading it over more than 100 connections.

I'm adding 80kBytes/s and I'm spreading it over 40 connections.

I get more because I give more and I give it more effectively.

Put this in a different perspective. What do you give me for what I give you?

You give me: 13kByte/s / 100 = 0.013kByte/s

I give you: 80kBytes/s / 40 = 2kBytes/s

That's hardly fair, isn't it?

Imagine a torrent where there's 134 seeds and 832 peers (the torrent in your screenshot, for example) doing exactly what your're doing. Now imagine a torrent where the same number of seeds and peer are doing exactly what I'm doing.

As for your speed trouble, it's unrelated to uTorrent. Check other applications that run at the interval you mentioned, it may access the HDD and that may affect uTorrent in turn. If that doesn't fix it, check the advanced options for diskio. settings and fiddle with that.


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Thanks alot for the advise Martin. Yeah alot of site about increasing uTorrent's speed told me to reduce the number of connections per torrent. But I never actually understood it, because even if I have 100 connections, I still only upload to like 3-4 ppl at a time. And since I leave my torrents on to seed overnight to about 1.5 ratio, all those 100 ppl on average will get 1.5 pieces from me for evey 1 piece I get from them. But anywaz I will try your advise and see if I get the same speed.

You might be right about another program causing my speed irregularities. I never even considered this, but now that you mentioned it, I do have Google Desktop Search installed that was giving me problems with uTorrent before, until I read that you need to set diskio.flush_files to false. After that the uTorrent problems stopped, but now maybe I think that GDS is responsible for the speed thing.

Anyway thanks alot for the suggestions, I'll give it a go.

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