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425 2.18GB is not enough for 8MB file


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I am downloading


its 4GB torrent with 4 files, I'v got 2.18GB free space on dedicated torrent drive so I mark all the files in this torrent as "skip" except the "sample.mpg" (8.7MB)

..and the torrent pauses with error:not enough space after downloading one piece (256KB)

What can I do to help debug this problem?

update: is pauses after downloading one-few pieces every time I start it, I'm 54% there after ~8 restarts.

update2: I can see in "logger" window that it tries to read the big iso file from that torrent and that is the reason of the error, but that big iso file is marked as skip.

btw Why there is no option to copy text from logger window?

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> default values set under Advanced for the diskio options?


>under Torrent Options do you have Pre-Allocate All Files unchecked?


>There is a thread somewhere in this forum that explains why sometimes a file you want

>to skip receives data.

I'l go and look for it, but it is imho a bug

update: Ok I found this

Firon:"Only BitComet can do that, and that's because it allows you to download incomplete pieces (which is yet again another stupid thing it does, you can't verify an incomplete piece for validity!)"

but in this case uTorrent CAN validate incoming incomplete piece, so I want it saved properly

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Also if fat32 then make sure you run scandisk.. When you deal with large files (4GB max) in fat32 there is a high likelyhood that free space will be misreported.. Its usually not that extreme, but I once had 18GB Extra freespace on a 20GB hdd..

Also, you should set it to use part_file in advanced..

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BT protocol says you can't do that.

The cross-file pieces REQUIRE you to download those last bytes in order to get the next file.

Because of the way multi-file torrents are handled, selective downloading is technically the bug.

ok, but you can store this one/two pieces in ram, verify and dump unused chunk before saving to disk.

Wouldn't it work if you had the partfile on though? Oh, and you'd have to do it before you started the torrent, I imagine.

512MB ram, 512MB swap file

I did marked big file skip before starting torrent.

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