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Can't find the icon


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Sorry, I realise this is probably the dumbest post of the year, and my ignorance is self-evident, but... where is the icon (the one that's meant of glow red with an exclamation mark if there's a problem, and another color if not)? I've clicked on all the tabs at the bottom of the screen but can't find any colored button.

And if I could get some feedback - is download speeds of 20 kBps normal when there is 2(s) seeds and 8(19) peers? My upload speed was more like 30 kBps, until I lowered it to 10 (as a 'speed up your utorrent site advised), I also copied the very long string of characters under the General>hash tab, as a speed-up your torrent site advised, preparatory to pasting into isohunt (apparantly it could have helped me find more trackers? Well whatever, now everything in that General tab has disappeared - it's all blank. And that bothers me. Currently my eta for the 4.86 GB download is 3 d. Ouch. Please be patient with my ignorance; I'm not sure if this query is in the right place.

Cheers, F

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