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download speed caps up to 200 kB/s after reinstall XP2, before to 800


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I had to do a reinstall of Windows XP2. After installing utorrent I can't get the download speed higher as exact 200 kB/s. With one torrent or with total four, that make's no difference. Before the reinstall of XP the download speed of utorrent was easily 700 to 900 kB/s.

I've followed the setup-guide, the trouble shooting, tested the speed on dslreports (1500 down/700up) etc. etc.

The network is fine, there are more than 300 nodes, i've tested different torrents, but always maximes the speed on total 200 kB/s.

I shut down the firewall, from McAfee. Windows firewall I don't use at all.

I use port 65xxx. Checked the portforwarding, is ok.

I reinstalled utorrent.

But nothing helps. I don't know what to do.

Who knows an answer?

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But before the reinstall I had much higher download speeds. How can that be? With exact the same hard- and software.

I don't understand at all. It is not my first reinstall of xp and utorrent, most twice a year, but this time I can't get utorrent speed up.

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