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Maximum number of connections, what the heck?


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uTorrent is slowly killing my firewall....

Well, let's start from the beginning.

I've got pretty decent i-net connection and I'm willing to upload at good speed, so I've set the limit for utorrent connections to 900. Seems enough to me.

My firewall (Agnitum Outpost) is showing number of open connections per process. One day I take a look and see abount 5000 connections open for utorrent, most of them IPv6. Well, I disable IPv6 in OS settings, for I do not need it yet, anyway. It's been working OK for a while.

Today, my computer begins to respond slowly (a couple of days seeding), though no heavy applications where running. I took a look at the firewall and here it is: 11K of open connections to uTorrent??? WOW

Most of them have 0 bytes received/0 bytes transmitted.

How does this happen and how do I stop this?


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