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Can faulty advanced settings throttle your upload speed ?


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I have a 1gb seedbox, and found on here the appropriate settings http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=58404&p=2

However, my upload speed is abysmally slow. my advanced settings are as follows and any help is greatly appreciated.

bt.allow_same_ip False

bt.auto_ul_factor 80

bt.auto_ul_interval 600

bt.auto_ul_min 8500

bt.auto_ul_sample_average 10

bt.auto_ul_sample_window 30

bt.ban_ratio 128

bt.ban_threshold 3

bt.compact_allocation False

bt.connect_speed 20

bt.enable_tracker False

bt.graceful_shutdown False

bt.multiscrape True

bt.no_connect_to_services True

bt.no_connect_to_services_list 25,110,6666,6667

bt.prio_first_last_piece False

bt.scrape_stopped False

bt.send_have_to_seed True

bt.set_sockbuf False

bt.transp_disposition 0

bt.use_ban_ratio True

bt.use_rangeblock True

dht.rate -1

diskio.coalesce_writes True

diskio.flush_files True

diskio.smart_hash True

diskio.sparse_files False

diskio.use_partfile True

gui.default_del_action 0

gui.delete_to_trash True

ipfilter.enable True

net.bind_ip No Value

net.low_cpu False

net.max_halfopen 8

net.outgoing_ip No Value

net.outgoing_max_port 0

net.outgoing_port 0

net.wsaevents 6

peer.disconnect_inactive True

peer.disconnect_inactive_interval 300

peer.lazy_bitfield True

queue.dont_count_slow_dl True

queue.dont_count_slow_ul True

queue.prio_no_seeds True

queue.slow_dl_threshold 1000

queue.slow_ul_threshold 1000

queue.use_seed_peer_ratio True

rss.update_interval 15

sys.enable_wine_hacks True

As far as my disk cache I only have 3 values Checked, or set True.

Override automatic cache size and specify the size manually (set to 2048)

Enable caching of disk writes

and Enable caching of disk reads

Please advise if you can. I repeat it is greatly appreciated.

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"Override automatic cache size and specify the size manually (set to 2048)"

NEVER set the size that large!

Even setting at 1800 MB can cause program crashes with enough torrents loaded.

"bt.transp_disposition 0"

Doesn't work very well in v1.8.3 and up.

What version of uTorrent are you using?

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