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Automatically loaded torrents not renamed ".torrent.loaded."


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Running uTorrent 1.8.5 build 17414 on two PC's, I'm seeing unusual behavior. The torrents I put in my "Autoload" folder, which is the folder I designated for "automatically load torrents from," are not being renamed with the suffix ".loaded" in the folder.

Once the torrent files are loaded by uTorrent they are copied to the folder I use for incomplete torrents, as usual.

The checkbox for "delete loaded .torrents" is not checked.

I have been noticing for a few days that some torrents I downloaded were not renamed ".loaded" in my Autoload folder. I thought I had mistakenly downloaded some of the torrent files twice. I discovered some time ago that a torrent put in the "autoload" folder will not load into uTorrent again, and it is not renamed to ".loaded" if there is already one in the "autoload" folder. So it remains in the "autoload" folder with the suffix ".torrent."

Apparently this is an intermittent problem.

Thank you.

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