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Weird problem with uTorrent use on one computer affecting network


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Hi. I've been using uTorrent for over 4 years now so I thought I was pretty set in my knowledge. But I've come to something odd.

I am on a home network that is connected wirelessly to 2 computers, my laptop and the home desktop. I torrent rather constantly :D and I have tested this problem to eliminate other issues. Whenever I have uTorrent open and torrents active, the home desktop becomes lethargic and unresponsive. The most notable example of this is when Sims 3 is played on the home desktop. It freezes and jerks about in game. This only happens when I am using uTorrent. It might not be specific to uTorrent but it's the only client I use.

Some info about the problem:

My computer - 1.7 years old and well set with cpu and ram. No lag on my computer when i torrent except some internet.

Home Desktop - 7 years old and poorly equipped. Single core processor and minimum requirements are met for Sims 3, but only minimum.

Internet - Fios 10Mbit/2Mbit

Network - Router/Wireless

Ports forwarded correctly

Home desktop not torrenting.

I have no idea why my torrenting should affect a game that is offline...let alone the whole performance of the computer. The only thing they share is a network. Odd...i think.

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Things don't seem to have helped. I cut back my connections max (a lot) and speeds. I rounded down for my upload limits and such. Port is opened and uTorrent says Network OK. The little applet that tells you your router max didn't have the Actiontec so I couldn't see if I was in the limits.

My speeds have been great and constant. I download some well seeded torrents (3:1) at 1mbit and I upload at a reasonable 200kbits. This was before I constricted my settings. I didn't need to on my end, but it doesn't seem to be working on the other computer either. It's still laggy about 30 seconds after I get on uTorrent. Maybe an ISP thing or maybe a router thing? I don't know why network stuff should affect HDD games.

Thanks for those links though, I did learn a lot.

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