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trouble with utorrent program, torrent not loading


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Hy , I have a similar problem to one of the posts that did not get answered by

some other poor member.

What happens is this.

I am downloading a 900mb torrent, will be a rar file of course.

I started downloading 2 days ago.

On the second day I downloaded 90mb of the 900mb and continued successfully to 250mb download,from

the 90mb.

When I tried to continue on my third day there was a problem.

Utorrent did not recognize the 250mb that I had downloaded and decided to

start from 0 bytes. Can anyone please tell me why this might happen or

what I did wrong ??? Could it be because that file at http://tnt.webcust.prg.se

was located at a different url the previuos day ???

my download folder always stays the same and I have red the faqs. Please help.

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