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help with downloading .torrent files


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Yes there are many ways and the solution depends amongst other of the browser you are using... You have to find a download manager software which allows you to selectively batch download the links of a webpage. Then have the .torrent files be downloaded to a dedicated start folder. Finally have uT automatically load the .torrent files from this folder by entering it in preferences-->directories-->location of .torrents 'automatically load .torrents from'. This should do the trick.

If you are using Firefox I'd advise you the extension (add-on) DownThemAll! which is working pretty well. I just tried it out by setting a filter for *.torrents files. I did a test with a btjunkie search page result (listing) and it filtered out the needed links, allowing to download in one single click all the .torrent files of the page in a defined directory. [i will use it to redirect immediately my (single) downloads to the needed folder.]

However I'm not sure whether the mass download will make much sense... I would personally advise you to filter out the many torrents by using some criterions which cannot be offered by a piece of software but that is your final choice. :) In any case I'd set up uT NOT to start the dl immediately (preferences-->UT settings-->When adding torrents) upon loading otherwise you might have some little control / ressources problems if you start 50 torrents at a time... :D

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