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Problems w/ selective file downloading


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I am attempting to download a torrent - recently imported from another client - consisting of several video files, of which only one file is needed.

I set all the files except for the needed one to skip. The one file finished downloading, at which time µtorrent moved the files and started seeding.

µtorrent did not, however, rename the file from .avi.!ut to .avi. Windows Media Player refuses to play the file. I have confidence of the original integrity of the file, as well as the requisite codecs etc. to play the video; these are not applicable issues.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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Two quick questions:

1) I have noticed that when I select only certain files from a torrent to download, the entire torrent's original size (the complete size of all the files in the torrent) is shown in the size column and not the total size of the selected files. Is this a bug?

2) Also, I recently started a torrent, but decided to skip some files. Now I actually want those files. How can I change the "skip" option so that I can download the files? When I used to use BitComet it was under a "General" tab when right-clicking and selecting properties of a torrent.

EDIT: Found answer for Q2: Change the priority from skip to normal in the "files" tab when the torrent is highlighted.

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