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Displayed speed info wrong


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atm I'm testing uTorrent for Mac (Version 0.9.2 (17267)) on a 10.5.8 PPC Mac. Now I think that the displayed values for down- and uploadspeed are wrong. I check traffic on my machine using rrdtool (values fetched with netstat, unit kByte). When I run uTorrent, the values displayed in the lower right corner of the uTorrent GUI window are off by a factor of 6 to 10. Furthermore I downloaded an 8 GByte torrent using uTorrent in less than 7 hours, yet the speed displayed by uTorrent never exceeded 100 kB/s, values usually being in the range 40-80 kB/s. So I think that maybe uTorrent internally uses kByte, but before the values are displayed in the GUI a bit to byte conversion is applied, effectively resulting in displayed values being off by the factor of 8.

That doesn't concerne me, but it makes me wonder what happens if someone applies a throttle. Do the correct values get passed on, or do they get modified as well?

Happy Holidays!

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