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Download cap at 1 MBs


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I am not sure why this has been happening or for how long since I just recently started to monitor my torrenting again, but my download speed caps at 1 MB/s.


I used to run Windows XP SP2 with Azureus and could reach download speeds nearing 1.8MB/s.

I reformatted to Windows 7 x64 Utlimate and now use utorrent. Though I just recently realized this 1MB/s cap. My ISP is Optimum and my download speed is 20 Mbits/s down and 2 Mbits/s up. I don't know where this 1MB/s cap is coming from.

I am using utorrent 1.8.5 and have used the utorrent settings for 2mbits down. My port fowarding is correctly setup and i have no QoS on my router or anything else. I also don't have a single firewall enabled on my OS.

Is my problem related to a recent cap my ISP put on me or my OS/torrent client?

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Say I am downloading 3 torrents. If I do one at a time, the download maxes at 1MB/s. If I do all at the same time, the overall download is at 1MB/s. Not evenly distributed but in some mixture. The upload seems fine. It stays below my upload limit. the peer ratio for each torrent is around 5 seeders to 1 leeches

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