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Force check BS


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ok so this is a load and it has happened before but never to this degree. i accidentally rechecked all my torrents and now half of them say 0% or 50% when the files are all there 100% downloaded and working i didnt move them and my hard drive is not failing everything is in order except the fact utorrent is screwing around and saying things that are there are not. I didnt change any of the files i havent moved them ive done absolutly nothing to them except recheck and the recheck % is way off on at least 90% of the torrents now if someone has a fix itd make my xmas 100 music torrents i could be seeding now stopped because recheck is screwed up

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Merry christmas.... :D

How can you accidentally force re-check all you torrents at once... :/

Anyway your odds should be fairly good if you really did not change anything to the downloaded data AND if you did not have (to many) partial (aka selective) downloads.

For the fully completed torrents a simple (but maybe very time consuming) force re-check with the correct saving path should do the trick. The process is very ressources hungry so it might take days on an older box. uT will re-check every pieces one by one, one torrent at a time... It's a pain in the a... but it's what the devs wanted... :(

If you had partially downloaded torrents you might have to redownload the so called edge pieces which where in the so called partfiles. Search in the forum with this keyword and you'll find a lot if you are interested...

Hope this helps. Good luck!! :)

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