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uTorrent keeps taking focus


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Ever since uTorrent 2 I've noticed that every 10-15 seconds the main uTorrent window will always steal focus -- as in, it selects itself. I have no idea why. It also blinks as it would in the task bar as if it has something to tell me, but it doesn't. It's just running normally. I've also checked the log tab, it doesn't have any relation with a new log message produced.

It becomes quite annoying when you're in the settings form trying to do something, adding/editing a torrent, or even doing something in another application.

It will also do this while closed in the tray -- it brings itself back up.

I'm currently running uTorrent 2.0 build 17668 on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise (x64) as a service using FireDaemon, although there is no difference if I run it stand-alone. The service is of course configured to allow interaction with the desktop.

Is this a bug, or down to a simple setting, or something else interfering?

Thank you in advance for any answers you may have :)

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Nope it's not shared.

It's an unattended server under my desk (no keyboard/mouse/monitor). I use VNC to control it rather than RDP. This is because RDP cannot control services that interact with the desktop as they are limited to session 0 (aka console/interactive session) and there is a massive security flaw with services that interact with the desktop -- anyone using the console session can control them regardless of what user credentials the service is running with.

I leave the Administrator account logged in 24/7 with the console session locked while I'm not doing anything with it, and nobody else has RDP/console access anyway.

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