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not downloading many seeds/peers available but not working


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Hi, i just started using Utorrent about 2, maybe 3 weeks ago and ive read up on it to know how not to get any viruses or anything but obviously i cant know everything about it. So, it was working for a while. i downloaded some games like Counterstrike, need for speed and some others and they worked great. right after i started using Utorrent i looked it up on Youtube and saw the videos on how to make it faster. well, i did that, and it worked but now it wont download at all. i was reading on the forums here and it looks like some peoples internet fails when some of these symptoms occurr but mine is fine. so right now, im trying to download the movie Zombieland. the torrent i got has 11283 seeds and 7395 peers so i figured this would be a fast download, but it hasnt moved at all. both the seeds and the peers show 0 in the part w/o the parenthesis. The 11283 and the 7395 are both shown in the parenthesis but neither start. I also started downloading starsky and hutch. this torrent has 100 seeds and 67 peers. it did start to download but it reached 69% and quit just like zombieland. i cant remember if it quit after or before i started the download for zombieland. This is probably a PEBCAK error (problem exists between chair and keyboard) but any help at all would be great. oh, and heres the link to the youtube video i used to try to make it faster.

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ok, ive done everything so far. and im on step three of the uTorrent Connection Setup Guide but i dont understand it. is it a way to make it better? and what about the part that says "falling half way between two of the possible speeds" heres the third step. I copy and pasted it.

Tweaking the upload speed

The Speed Guide is great for setting up a variety of variables but it does fall short if your test speed falls half way between two of the possible speeds listed.

1.Take your upload speed result in kbit/s and divide it by 8 (you now have your result in kBytes.)

2.Take your speed in kByte/s and multiply it by 0.7 (this now gives you a proper upload speed of 70% of you tested max)

3.Go to Options > Preferences > Bandwidth and put your result in the "Maximum upload rate" box.

and thankyou so much for your help

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