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Serious speed problems with a 3mb connection??


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First I have read and tried everything possible to fix this. Here are the details

I have 2 computers tried this on both.

I use a SMC wbr 14g router and have Atlantic Broadband Internet

I made sure all my ports are open on my router and tried several different ports.

I set all my settings inside utorrent using this http://ut-settings.go.pl/

I disabled my windows firewall

I tried both with dht enabled and disabled

I set static ip address for both my computers

on my machine with sp2 i used the LvlLord's TCP/IP patch

I just did everything

Now I only get on average between 5-10kbs with some short burst up to 80kbs but very few. I get great seed on the www over 200 easy and off irc and ftp i get serious speed.

What can I do? I just can not figure out this magic formula. Any help would be great.

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Is your ISP known to throttle down BitTorrent traffic? If so, have you turned on Encryption and peer.lazy_bitfield? :|

Dont mean to jump in this topic, but have a similiar problem. I am being throttled and have encryption enabled but did not turn peer.lazy_bitfield on, should I?



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