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Windows7: Folder moved as ReadOnly


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I have set up Labels (Movies|Radio|TV) etc.

Location for new download to M:\Torrents\Incomplete

Location for Completed downloads M:\Shared_Data\Torrents\

When a download completes it correctly moves the files from the new download area to the completed download area. It puts it into the correct folder for it's label

eg. M:\Shared_Data\Torrents\Radio.

If the torrent contains a subfolder

eg. \ShowName\Show S01E01.mp3

it creates the subfolder as ReadOnly in the completed downloads area.

eg. M:\Shared_Data\Torrents\Radio\ShowName\Show S01E01.mp3

\ShowName folder is created as readonly.

This means if another episode of the same show with the same subfolder is downloaded any subsequent downloads fail to be moved to the completed area as the folder already exists, but has been created by uTorrent as ReadOnly when the first move was performed.

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In file explorer right click on the folder and the readonly checkbox is ticked.

If I untick the ReadOnly checkbox of the destination folder prior to subsequent episodes downloading then they are correctly moved into that folder on completion.

I have not noticed an error when uTorrent fails to move the subsequent files. They just stay in the incomplete download area - in the correct folder structure as defined by the torrent.

M:\Torrents\Incomplete\ShowName\Show S01E01.mp3

Actually I've just checked and the above folder in the incomplete download area is also ReadOnly, so it appears uTorrent is always creating folders as ReadOnly.

I am logged in as an Administrator user, I have marked uTorrent to run as an Admistrator user. Admin has full control of the M:\Torrents\Incomplete\ folder, as do users in groups SYSTEM, \Users

I've also noticed that my M:\Shared_Data\Torrents\Radio\ (etc) destination folders are shared out and the files are visible to my Xbox360, other PC's on my network.

However when new files are moved into these folders by uTorrent the new files are not visible in the share. I have to access the files in Explorer, go to Security tab, add 'Everyone' to security and assign Read access to 'Everyone' before the files are visible. The folders themselves have 'Everyone' read, but when uTorrent moves files into these folders the folder attributes are not assigned to the files it moved.

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