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Incoming port dead, UPnP not working either


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Since there's no mentioning of my problems in this forum, I guess I'm special :)

I have several related problems:

1. UPnP configuration does not work. The router never gets the port opened, the app shows the red dot.

2. Even if I enter a port manually and open that port in the router manually, still there seems to be no incoming data (e.g. the tracker tells me that I am not reachable).

I also like to point out that UPnP works fine with these apps: Transmission, Skype, EyeTV, Apple's BackToMyMac, PortMap.

My Router is a WRT54GL, running DD-WRT v24-sp2 (07/21/09) mini

I wonder which UPnP code you're using. Maybe you should try TCMPortMapper (http://www.codingmonkeys.de/portmap/index.html), which is used by Transmission, EyeTV and PortMap and works just fine, as I can tell.

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