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Can only DL 1 torrent at a time??? WTF?!?!?


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First off, hello to everybody since I am new here. Since I updated uTorrent to 1.8.5, I have noticed that it will only DL 1 torrent at a time. The same goes for my uploads as well, but it will only do like 3-5 torrent uploads at a time. I have known from prev. versions that when I turn on uTorrent, I have atleast 10-15 uploads going at once, and all of my current DL's are downloading as long as there are seeds to get it from.

Any ideas whats going on??? I even set the Max # of active torrents to 200, max # of active DL's to 30, have my Upload Rate to unlimited, and set my max # of connections to 10000 lol. How do I fix this issue???

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