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Speed capped at 180KB


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I used to be capped at 1.8MB wich was fine but now i'm capped to 180/190. I just don't get it. We used to have 2 modems and 1 router. 1 Of the modems was the old internet, however our old provider asked for it back and ever since i think our speed is capped but is capable of more.

For example, if i limit my download to 50 and then limit it to 500 my speed goes up to 300-400 but then it goes back to 180. This means i AM still capable of better downloading and i've tried everything. Maybe i should call our provider to ask what is going on? I don't know. Btw here's speedtest, wich doesn't make sense either i think.


I used to be capable of 1.8MB so 1.5MB download is not really true i guess. Oh and i forgot to tell: it's not just the torrent that is capped at 180. Everything is capped, even my internet downloads. If i for example download from internet and torrent they share the 180KB/s speed.

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Try this speed test here: http://broadband.mpi-sws.org/transparency/bttest.php and be aware that you have to try again at different times because there may be big variations like with the car traffic... Now if you're consistently getting less than what your ISP is advertising / selling than I would show him the results and ask why.

Sometimes it's not the ISP but simply the line quality depending on many factors like cable type, distance from the next node etc...

Also don't forget to differentiate between bits and bytes (1 byte = 8 bits). Unfortunately the abbreviations are all but clear in many cases...

Hope this helps. :)

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