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Ability to mark torrents as run/not run


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So I saw this new "Stream" icon you can now press for the new streaming functionality. What I would like is basically one more column like that, with an icon that behaves exactly the same way, only it doesn't do anything other than serve as a mark (basically that I've checked the torrent or not). The functionality is inspired from Vuze's "New" column, which does basically that, although it's also tied to its embedded media player, a function I don't really need.

The reason for the request is because I also use my torrent clients as a media library for my torrents (hundreds to thousands), having everything in one place makes it easy to access. I'm already using the labels function but the problem is that I can't add a secondary label or a group label to mark which torrents I've checked out. There's also no point in creating a "Seen" label as it is and move torrents there cause I'll lose the categorization I need.

I know it seems pretty minor but since, as I see it, you've already incorporated the basic functionality in the Stream icon, I thought it wouldn't be hard to implement a simpler column.

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