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******Seeding Question ********** Please Help


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I am sure this has been answered before but please be patient with me because I am new to the forums and I can not find my answer anywhere, I even checked google.

I belong to torrent community that keeps tabs on ratio and holds users accountable for their ratio. So I am trying to seed the torrents, well under the SEEDS column it shows x(xxx) and under peers is also shows x(xxx) so my questions are:

1. What do these numbers mean?

2. How do I get people to upload from me or increase the upload activity?

3. What do you guys consider important columns to keep track of ie; seeds, done, size, availability, download speed, upload speed, status, peers ect...... And WHY?

4. How can I increase people downloading from me?

I want to give give give and some are taking, but from what I see there are torrents that look like this Seeds 0(291) Peers 0(60)

I have a 25/25 connection and really want to capitalize on it.. Please help me..

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1.Covered somewhere in the guides/faq...1st is what you're connected to, 2nd is what the tracker/s and you have "seen".

2.You cannot force them to download from you. But it helps people connect TO you if you're not firewalled in uTorrent (green light at bottom).

3.Connected seeds and peers are far more important than any (crazy) estimates. Uploading is only possible to those peers you connect to. Also, if those peers are overloaded they may not be able to download quickly (if at all!) from you.

4.Some private trackers are set up by default to automatically fail 5-25% of everyone on them. So there's always people getting banned from those trackers simply because the game is rigged against them.

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