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Help me! Join 2 utorrent databases


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BEncode Editor allows you to do that. Read the first post in that link, and read it (and the warnings) carefully.

0. Exit µTorrent

1. Open one of the resume.dat files

2. Item > Merge With... and select the other resume.dat

3. Making sure [ ROOT ] is still selected, Item > Sort Keys

4. Remove both .fileguard items

5. Edit > Replace...

6. Set "Key and Value" to "Value by Key", and next to that option, enter the text path

7. Enter the old location you wish to replace in Value, and D:\TorrentDownloads in Replace, and hit "Replace All"

8. File > Save As... and save it as resume.dat in some new location

9. Replace resume.dat for µTorrent, restart µTorrent

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