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Connection Problems


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atm I have the problem that µTorrent connects to peers and seeders only on startup but no more after that.

There are enough peers and seeders there but it won't connect to them even everything else is finished ... till I restart µTorrent.

I've changed the maximum of connections and most of the speed related things again and again but it won't change.

Does someone have a clue?

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Nice list, thanks, I will try it.

But why did it work for a couple of years and now it doesn't work at all.

I've had the same problem a few month ago after an update but after reupdating it worked fine again.


Wow... why only 4 active torrents o0 .... -.- I'll try it.

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Your uTorrent settings may have failed now due to changes on your computer, network, or internet connection. Maybe your ISP is heavily throttling or disrupting BitTorrent now?

uTorrent's active torrents does not count torrents not downloading/uploading at all...or are downloading/uploading <1 KB/sec each.

Assuming you used the 640 kilobit/sec upload settings, you're only offering 60 KiloBYTES/second total upload speed to be spread between those 4 active torrents. Each of those active torrents might also have 4 upload slots each. So to each person you're uploading to at any given moment, you can only spare 3.75 KiloBYTES/second. That's how other peers see you.

...Keep that in mind the next time you see a peer or seed "only" uploading 10 KB/sec to you.

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  • 1 month later...

uploadrate 21

downloadrate 400

global max con 80

max num con peer per tor 20

upload slots per tor 4

max active torrents 14

max active dl 12

those were the last settings after i tryed everything from the user help stuff

And those were exactly the settings I used with the old a new version.

With the old version I got no connections to 20 torrents in my list and after installing a fresh new version those 20(12 but all 20 after the other got a slot) got connections to peers and seeders.

Oh I said install a fresh new version and do not update your version, thats pretty much different.

So ... if there is a new version I will not upgrade my utorrent I will download the new one and get a fresh clean install instead of an update.

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I can see no problem at all since the settings werent the problem at all, never ever.

The problem was the updated utorrent, which was solved after a clean reinstall of the newest version.

I do not care if my download rate is slow, after all I can seed more if it is slow.

But I do care if I do not get any connections to peers and seeders and again, it was solved by installing a clean version of utorrent.

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I know that is not the source of the problem if you had read my posts carefully you would have read

"those were the last settings after i tryed everything from the user help stuff"

I did try EVERYTHING and it solved NOTHING

After a fresh new install auf utorrent it worked perfectly

Oh sure yes it was the settings and the clean install did nothign at all.

Come on... it is good that you guys here try to help solving problems but ignoring facts and try to tell me that is a setting problem does not help at all.

Reinstalling help and changed the settings didnt help.

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If it's a bug in the program, I at least have no clue how to reproduce it because it does not happen to me ever. :(

Since I've heard from the devs that they don't have the problem either, my only guess is that as your settings get further away from what's expected (by Speed Guide CTRL+G)...that maybe it somehow triggers the bug?

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