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can't finish started Downloads after Windows re-install


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I couldn't log in to my windows and so i decided to re-install.

I re-installed a fresh Windows XP INstallation on an other drive.

I re-installed utorrent (also on the other drive).

I changed the settings like on the old installation (where to store downloads, where to store finished and the network settings).

But now none of the downloads is shown in utorrent.

I found some advice in the forum, to store some files from the "application data/utorrent" folder, but there is absolutely no folder like that.

How can I finish my started downloads?



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You should've backed them up -before- re-installing. They get stored in %AppData%\uTorrent (which now points to your new empty one)

if you didn't format, you should still be able to get your old user profile and recover them, as well as your settings and resume data.

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