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How can I make downloads faster?


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I just need tips on little tweaks to make my uTorrent download faster. I would google it but frankly, I don't trust it. I figured this would be the best place to get some correct answers. Any help would be great. Thank you.

P.S. I am a complete newbie when it comes to things like this. So please be patient.

**Edited to add I think I have set the speeds correctly, but not sure. I'm using an old Alltel card for my internet. if that helps. I have also looked through the stickies.

Another edit - I tested my internet speed again. It came up with Download Bandwidth (KBit/s) - 238

Upload Bandwidth (KBit/s) - 20

So what exactly do I need to set it to?

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I see your YouTube tutorial and raise you this thread. While that particular video wasn't as bad as most videos (yes, I actually watched through most of it), it still has a few wonky recommendations...

- It tells you to add a ton of trackers. For no real reason. Don't bother.

- It tells you change the port to 55000. Well, that's assuming you actually forwarded that specific port.

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I couldn't watch the video anyway. Among other things, my audio fails on my computer.

I've never watched a Youtube instructional video. I trust Youtube about as far as I can throw it. =/

It seems to be doing decent but it could be better. Now I have a new question. [Forgive me if it is in the wrong section.]

If I get more seeds and peers for a torrent it downloads faster. [i think. >.>]

If that is correct, how do I go about it? Everyone thread I have found about it tells me to find a new torrent. Said torrent is so rare I had to really search to find it. What if there is no new torrent? Is there some sort of way I can get more seeds and peers?

[[still a noob but I'm learning some now.]]

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More seeds/peers in general doesn't translate to higher speeds, but on dying torrents, it can make a difference between whether the torrent stops downloading at all (due to availability being < 1.0) or actually finishes.

For dying torrents, DHT may help find more sources.

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How much you're giving other peers on the same torrent also can have a HUGE effect on your download speed on that torrent if seeds are few but peers are many.

It is better to give 3-10 KB/sec each to a few peers instead of <3 KB/sec to many peers. If a peer is getting <3 KB/sec from you, it is far less likely to return the favor.

DHT network is enabled under Preferences, BitTorrent in uTorrent.

Do note that DHT works best with Peer Exchange...but neither works at all on private torrents. (Check Trackers tab to see if they're not allowed.)

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