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Long Wait Connecting to Seeds


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I have studied the setup guide, and I am comfortable that I have uTorrent correctly setup for the bandwidth I have available. At least I think I do. I am using the 100Mbit connection settings, as I have a 100Mbit fiber up/down line on my server.

Now, here is my problem. When I start a torrent on my server through the GUI, which indeed does have a 100Mbit connection, it takes forever to match the peers and seeds. I usually have to wait up to 5 minutes, sometimes longer, before it even lists or connects to seeds.

Now, If I start the same torrent file on my home connection, a 12/1 Mbit cable line, the torrent connects, and begins downloading within seconds of me starting it.

Both connections are in the US, and the vast majority of connectible peers are also in the US.

What could be causing my server this extreme lag to connect?

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Thanks for a reply.

I realize that peers are what is needed, not seeds. I used the word "seeds" improperly. Either way, my server does not mirror the connectivity of my home PC, on any torrent. All torrents act the same on the server; the server is slow to acquire connections, period.

I have not changed any advanced settings. Only the connections, in which I used this chart: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=58404

Now, changing connection settings between 10Mbit or 100Mbit does not effect this server's response time to connect to people, of course.

Maybe it is not settings related at all, and the server requires a restart, which I have contacted the admin to do for me sometime today.

I just wanted to ensure I am not overlooking a setting which may cause such behavior.

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