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Done % reset to 0, Status reset to Checked 0%


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I changed the directory paths to a new drive - from G to F - and downloaded new torrents which are being stored and loaded from the new location.

(I'm not currently downloading any of the torrents from the old path.)

Problem is whenever I start uTorrent, whatever was in the middle of downloading before last shutdown is now reset to 0% downloaded, and the status is changed to Checked 0.0%. (This 0.0% might change by 0.1% every few minutes..!) If I right-click on this torrent and hit Stop, and then try to hit Download, uTorrent crashes and I have to go to End Process.

There is no malware or anything on the PC, I run AVG every day.

Also using latest version on Vista Home.

I've googled, but couldn't find anything.

Thank you for any replies.

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