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Changes in Tracker "max number of slots" not recognised


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In a tracker that has a "sliding scale" of the number of slots (torrents) you're allowed to use to download, uTorrent does not update to keep track.

In a recent case, I was on a maximum of 2 slots, then when my share ration went up I was then allowed to have 4 slots. When I tried to add another torrent, uTorrent complained that I was using 3 of my 2 slots and stopped downloading!

I guess there has to be some handshaking between client and tracker which should regularly updated, but this didn't happen. Removing the extar torrent eventually got it working properly again.

Is this a bug with 1.31 beta - ie has it been fixed with 1.4? I couldn't see anything in the update history of the new releases that mentions this.

I can provide URLs to the tracker I am using if that helps. The Tracker admins said this was a bug with the client...is it?

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