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Should large files be slower?

Stevie Badman

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Hi, this is my first post here so be nice please. I find I'm getting drastically reduced speeds on larger torrents e.g. 6gb downloading at 30 - 50kb/s but with 700mb files I'm getting 200+kb/s, I'm downloading at the moment, the file has 1100 seeds but I'm only receiving from 40, is this a settings issue or are larger torrents always slower?

Thanks in advance for any replies

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Probably fewer people seed back as much percent-wise of the giant torrents.

Look at your own upload speeds and how long you seed big torrents as an example of how hard it is to seed back 100%.

Also try slow speed section of 1st link in my signature and 2nd link in my signature.

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My problem with most large (>1GB) files is slightly different in

that large files seem to never end their process.

(Same problem at bitlord)

So you let it run for weeks but

the last 0.1 or .2 percent never comes and

in the meantime I upload 2 or 3 times

the supposed size of the file.

Is there a mechanism I am missing?

Giving myself an answer:

I stopped the download (of a certain file and

went to the subdirectory I was downloading to and

I opened the file.

It proved to be a collection of small PDF-files among which

one with a few very strange character signs (of ten a bad file in a collection.

So I copied ^C 10or20 files above that strange file and

tried to place them out-of the collection, but

in the same subdirectory with ^V.

That delivered a Windows error and closure.

After reporting the error

I reopened that subdirectory and

to my astonishment the strange=damaged? file was gone and

windows (or whatever) was copying the whole set of PDF-files.

I allways thought that

this type of operation is not really a copy-operation but

the change of a pointer.

But "windows" announces to take a 10/20 minuter per operation

(in practice 15 seconds)

Anyhow I see now that

the small files are really copied.

Maybe it would have gone faster with ^X^V but

I was afraid of losing the files.

Hope that someone finds this operation usefull...

(Anyhow I learned sthing:

Check the content if there is(are) damaged file(s) and

use the rest of the files.

I will come back here when

I find one grat massive file that

hangs 4ever.

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